Web Application Penetration Test

Web applications are often the starting point for any malicious actor targeting your company. Furthermore a large volume of bots on the internet are continuously scanning the whole internet for any machines vulnerable to known exploits.

The risks of compromise of a web application may include: leakage of customer data, pivoting into the internal network, reputational damage, use of the web server for sending out spam or hosting malware, etc.


  • Detect security threats. This includes those found in the OWASP Top Ten.
  • Our staff are experts with knowledge of the latest attack techniques.
  • Verify secure configurations
  • A combination of manual and automated testing is utilized.


  • We pro-actively identify security threats that could result in compromise, and advise on how to fix these issues so they don’t get abused by “bad actors”.
  • Deliverable is a report detailing the current state of security of the target website and recommendations on how to mitigate any issues that were found.
  • Meet compliance goals.

Audit Methodology

Our methodology is based on OWASP and the PTES.

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