Outsource or subcontract penetration testing

We are your trusted partner for subcontracting and outsourcing of remote penetration tests. Our customers include US and EU-based IT firms, understaffed cyber security firms and direct customers.

Your business may not be able to add an extra FTE, we provide you with flexibility and external expertise to meet business goals and hit targets.

Outsource Penetration Testing

Never miss a deadline, delegate to a professional firm that subcontracts on a regular basis.

Benefits of working with us

Security Expertise

Our employees have 10+ years of offensive security experience, we perform extensive manual testing and have reported several new vulnerabilities, also known as CVE’s (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures), with MITRE.

Scale up faster

Cyber Security experts are in high demand. By using our services you are able to scale up during busy time periods. We help your business meet goals and hit targets.

Subcontracting Expertise

Several of our customers are bigger penetration testing firms with a full schedule. Our staff is fluent in English. We have successfully done this for years.


Our customers are recurring because we try to be a very convenient partner to work with through good communication and by understanding the customer’s requirements.

Contractor was able to jump in on short notice and cover for us. Exceeded expectations, would definitely recommend.


Customer satisfaction




Years of offensive security experience