What are the benefits of White Label Pentest?

  • Our consultants have 10+ years of offensive security experience and have successfully completed projects for infosec firms, local government, the financial sector and healthcare.
  • We’re focused on subcontracting for recurring customers, and we try to adjust to your requirements.
  • Beyond technical experience we also have good communication skills which come in handy in any interactions with your business and your end customer.
  • Busy and understaffed? We allow you to deliver on promises.

What is the difference between outsourcing and subcontracting?

  • Subcontracting is when a company temporarily hires another individual or company to complete a specialized task that typically cannot be done internally. Subcontracting does not involve permanently allocating out entire jobs or departments within a firm and the job is agreed upon on a contract basis.
  • Outsourcing is primarily a cost-cutting measure where tasks done in-house are now being completed by individuals or businesses outside of the firm and not affiliated with it.
  • Based on these definitions we do mostly subcontracting.

Do you perform manual testing?

Yes, our Penetration Testing methodology includes extensive manual testing. Automatic testing alone should never be considered sufficient and we’d strongly suggest not to work with any party claiming otherwise.

Do you check for “Denial of Service” vulnerabilities?

“Denial of service” attacks and/or “stress tests” are not part of our testing methodology. We will never intentionally perform any activity that could lead to crashing of applications or systems.

What about Non-disclosure agreements?

We have a standard NDA agreement we use with all our customers.