About White Label Pentest

Based in the Netherlands, we provide high quality white label remote penetration testing services at a competitive rate for the English speaking market.

Our focus is taking on contract work for larger penetration testing firms that may be temporarily understaffed. We have a proven track record completing work for a number of pentest firms.

Other clients include smaller IT firms that are periodically asked to perform security testing but don’t have the internal expertise for such projects nor budget to hire someone full-time. Because subcontracting can be a powerful method for smaller firms to provide services while saving on staffing costs.

Interested in subcontracting pentesting to us? Get in touch with us today.

Where does the Netherlands rank among countries most proficient in English?

The Netherlands ranks number 1 in Europe amongst countries most proficient in English according to the 2019 EF English Proficiency Index.

What does Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions model say about the USA and Netherlands?

According to the Hofstede model culturally the USA and the Netherlands score very alike in categories: power distance, individualism and uncertainty avoidance

Culturally speaking Americans find it easier to work with the Dutch than for example with cultures in middle or southern Europe. In Erin Meyer’s book “The Culture Map” this difference is explained as the Americans and the Dutch both being low-context cultures, which means they value direct and clear communication without inferring context from subtleties outside of the message itself such as a shared history, hierarchy or other implicit sub-context.