Secure WordPress Hosting

Security is extremely important for any serious online business. Every year companies lose millions of dollars as a result of cyber attacks.

Why do you need the most secure hosting for WordPress?

Secure WordPress hosting (SWPH) is optimized to defend against cyber-attacks and minimize the impact of the attack. Similarly we take care of offsite-backups so that the data of your website data that can be recovered to avoid downtime.

During penetration tests for some of our direct customers we have noticed that the hosting party was optimized for low-cost. It has occurred that budget hosting parties are way behind as far as security is concerned.

This service is meant for customers who want to protect their security and reputation, yet don’t have the budget or expertise to hire someone internally for this role.

What is included in SWPH service?

Our Secure WP Hosting service includes the following:

  • Latest OS and software updates
  • Encrypted Connections only: SSH, SFTP and SSL
  • Isolation from other secure hosting customers (we don’t do shared hosting as this is risky)
  • IP Whitelisting
  • Server level firewalls
  • SSL Certificate
  • Automated backups
  • TLS 1.3 support
  • Server monitoring and alerts
  • 2FA
  • Brute Force Detection
  • *Optional on-page SEO (this is optimization of for your website so your business ranks better in Google search results)
  • *Optional periodic vulnerability scan