Subcontracting Penetration Testing – A Success Story


The thought of a cyber security firm subcontracting smaller penetration testing projects may seem daunting or counter-intuitive, but in reality it offers numerous benefits. From to the ability to scale up or scale down as demand changes, to access to a group of contractors up to date with leading technologies; there really are countless benefits. In this Blog post we’ll cover a Success Story from one of our customers.

The challenge: A very busy 4th quarter

Scheduling is a very common issue for cyber security firms as the end customer may request a penetration test to be delayed because of maintenance, environments being down, development being delayed, or for other scheduling conflicts. Our customer was experiencing a very busy calendar full of projects that were supposed to happen earlier in the year, but had been pushed back to the 4th quarter. Additionally an employee was on sick leave so they were seriously understaffed.

The first meeting

After this new customer approached us, we set up a conference call to introduce ourselves, understand the requirements and together agree on how to proceed.

The Results

  • White Label Pentest was able to jump in on short notice and perform several penetration tests in November and December of that year on behalf of the customer.
  • By subcontracting, our customer was able to temporarily scale up, reduce their backlog and most importantly deliver on promises to their end customers to complete these projects before the end of the year.
  • After a well deserved X-mas break we were asked again by this customer to complete an additional project.
  • This customer is now a recurring customer.

About us

Based in the Netherlands we provide high quality white label remote penetration testing services at a competitive rate. Our focus is taking on contract work for larger penetration testing firms that may be temporarily understaffed.

Other clients include smaller IT firms that are periodically asked to perform security testing but don’t have the internal expertise for such projects nor budget to hire someone full time.

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